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Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ | Homestudies Northwest

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does the home study process take to complete?

From the first phone call to completion of the report takes 4-8 weeks. Occasionally FBI fingerprint forms take longer to process.


What does the home study report include?

Topics (as required by Washington State Law) include personal and family background, motivation to adopt, marriage relationship if applicable, parenting philosophy, health of applicants, educational background, employment history, income, insurance coverage, references and criminal background clearances.


What paperwork will I need?

Physician's (form will be sent to you), names and addresses of references, copies of marriage and divorce decrees as applicable, last year's 1040 tax form


Can you do a home study for an international adoption?

No, an agency is required to do this, but I may be able to contract with your agency for the Home study piece.


Do you do step-child reports?

Yes, a report for a step-child is called a "post placement" report and is shorter than a full home study. This report is required by Washington State in order to adopt a spouse's child.


Do you do adoption home studies for domestic partners and same-sex marriages?



Who needs a home study?

Anyone who adopts a child, whether a step-child, relative or unrelated child, needs a home study.  A home study, sometimes called a pre-placement report, is valid for 1-2 years.
The step-child report is shorter and is called a post placement report.


How is an agency adoption different from an Independent adoption?

If you are pursuing the adoption independently, any individual licensed to provide home studies, such as myself, is suitable. When you apply through an agency, the agency generally does the homestudy. If the agency is out of state, a local provider is contracted.